The iconic Slazenger brand returns

Slazenger…….. You definitely know the name, but maybe you have been wondering what has happened to this iconic brand?

Founded in 1881 by two brothers from the United Kingdom, Slazenger is one of the longest running and most established sports brands in history, with a rich heritage in tennis, cricket, golf and endorsed by some of the most famous sportsman to ever live, such as Sir Donald Bradman, Björn Borg, Seve Ballesteros and Jimmy Connors.

Slazenger was actually one of the first sports brands to enter into the Padel market, back when they used wooden rackets. After a long absence from the sport, they are now bringing their heritage, iconic style and elegance back to this great sport.

The Slazenger Padel brand has been recently bought by Swedish business investors, and they are bringing their skillset, along with their creativity and drive to establish this brand as one of the best there is. Not only are they investing heavily into research and development, design and ensuring excellent quality in all their products, but they are also investing in great ambassadors and players, none more so than Sandy Farquharson from The Padel School.

Slazenger has launched 7 different rackets, all in their heritage colours, of white, maroon, gold, black and silver. There is a racket to suit every style of game and player.

The have also launched a range of sports leisure clothing in the same iconic colours, which you can wear on or off the court. The clothing is comfortable, excellent quality, edgy and yet still retains its classic look.  

There is also a range of accessories such as bags, caps, towels and Padel balls. As the supplier to Wimbledon Tennis since 1902, (the longest running sports partnership in history) Slazenger knows how to make a good quality ball and these are no exception. Called the Challenge No.1 ball, it has been approved by the FIP (Federation International Padel) and gives you maximum durability and premium performance.

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