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A Padel racket is an expensive purchase, so it is very important for you to take good care of it, in order to get the best out of it and to ensure longevity. 

You might think that you've have been taking care of it, however there may be certain things you are doing that you aren’t aware of, which can damage the racket.

Below, we have listed 6 points to take note of and apply.

  1. Avoid hitting the ground

This may sound obvious, but I’m always surprised at the amount of players I see doing this. I am sure that you have seen a lot of players hitting the ball on the ground in order to pick the ball up, maybe you even do it too, but it’s not good for the racket. Even the professional players do it, but they don’t have to worry about breaking their racket.

This can be bad for your racket, as you can easily damage the frame and face by catching it on the ground. If you hit it hard enough against the ball, you could cause a crack in the face, which will continue to creep. These rackets are not the same as Tennis rackets, which have strings that have a lot of flex, the Fibreglass and Carbon Fibre are more rigid materials.

  1. Racket protector applied correctly

Your frame protector is crucial in order to take care of your Padel racket. The protector needs to be applied correctly by neatly and accurately stretching the protector over the top of the racket so that it covers the largest amount of the frame.

Often when you are playing, you are going to hit your racket against the walls when you are trying to retrieve a ball. Without a racket protector, this can cause the frame to be damaged. This is the strongest part of the racket, so if the frame is damaged, then the crack will only get bigger and extend to the core/face of the racket.

Spend the time to get it right, if you apply the racket protector wrong and not tight enough, it could start peeling off. Make sure that there are no air pockets, bumps or gaps for dirt or air to get into.

  1. Replace your grip often

The more you play, the quicker your grip will deteriorate. The moment your hand slips when you hit the ball, the shot will be ruined, so it’s essential to have a tacky grip.

In the height of summer, if you are playing every day, I would advise you to replace your grip at least once a week. As soon as a grip starts to feel smooth and the tacky feeling has gone, you know that it’s time to change your grip.

No matter how good your racket is, if you are slipping on your grip, your shots won’t be effective.

  1. Avoid leaving your racket in hot or cold temperatures

The heat can damage your racket, by weakening or perishing the fibres in the frame or core of the racket. Not only could the materials be affected, but many advanced rackets have an EVA core, which when left for a long period of time in high temperatures will start to weaken and get softer, making the racket less powerful.

The racket will be fine in the summer during a game, but make sure you don’t leave it in a place where it can get really hot. Think of it like your phone, you can use your phone through the summer, but you wouldn’t leave it out for hours in 30 degree heat, or leave it in your hot car for a few hours, because it would probably overheat.

Leave your Padel racket in its case, bag, or in the shade and make sure it is in a room temperature place.  

  1. Avoid leaving your racket in cold temperatures

This follows a similar trend for the one above. It is okay to play with your Padel racket in cold conditions, however you need to make sure you are not leaving the racket in cold places for an extended period of time, such as:

  • The boot of your car.
  • Overnight outside in the cold.
  • In the wet/rain for too long.

When the racket gets too cold, it becomes a lot harder and more brittle, and can be more prone to breaking and cracking.

You should never play with your racket in the rain or damp conditions, such as dew on the court. The wet balls, become a lot heavier and harder and could damage or crack the face of your racket when striking the ball. 

  1. Invest in a Padel bag

The final way of taking care of your Padel racket would be to buy a Padel bag. Not only are they very handy to carry all your other gear and accessories, but they store all of your Padel racket in a padded and often heat regulated compartment.  

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