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  1. It really is fun!

One of the most obvious reasons to play Padel is that it is so much fun. Try it, I bet you won’t be disappointed. The game is for anyone, of all abilities and ages and we haven’t come across anyone that after playing for the first time has said it is not for them. 

If anyone is looking for something new to do, whether this is a hobby or a new sport then Padel is a great option.

  1. It is the fastest growing sport in the world

Although Padel is new to South Africa, it is the fastest growing sport in the world and we are sure that it will be the same in South Africa. With over 20 Million players in 30 countries, across five Continents, it’s only going to keep growing around the world and most certainly in South Africa.

  1. Opportunities

One of the best reasons to play Padel is the opportunities that it gives you. Because the sport is so new, there are a lot of work and business opportunities in Padel. Becoming a coach, opening up Padel courts/arenas, or even just working in or managing the arenas, are just a few examples of the opportunities that could be available to you.

  1. Great for fitness

Padel is not as demanding on the body as other sports, which is why it appeals to such a wide range of age groups. However, it still keeps you very fit. Due to the smaller court size and 4 people playing, you won’t have to run as much as you would playing football and tennis, but because of the intensity of the points, it’s a great cardio workout and excellent for keeping the body parts moving.

  1. Very social

One of the best reasons to play Padel is how social the sport is. If you play this sport at a local club, you will make new friends and get to meet new and interesting people. You might even find your life partner or business partner on the court.

The sport is always doubles, so you are always going to be playing with 3 other people. This means if you play 10 times with different people, that is 30 new people you have met. 

Mixed player tournaments are very common as well. This gives you a chance to meet more people and the post-game environment is very social, with players hanging around after to socialise, eat and drink.

  1. Easy to pick up

One of our favourite reasons to play Padel is how easy it is to pick up. You can be a lot better or worse than your opponent and still have a very fun match. 


The court is smaller than tennis and therefore easier to get around. It’s also slower than other racket sports and due to the side and back walls, it gives players a second chance to return the ball. 

This is not to say that sport is easy and that you are just going to cruise your way to number 1 in the world, but it definitely offers something for everyone.

  1. Life skills

Padel can help kids or young adults with improving their life skills.

It really can develop skills such as:

  • Teamwork 
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Maturity
  • Sportsmanship
  • Communication
  • Discipline

This list can go on!

We hoped you enjoyed our reasons to play Padel. If you haven’t tried the game, round up 3 of your friends and get out onto your closest court and enjoy it, we promise that you won’t be disappointed.

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Caradonna Adventures

Caradonna Adventures

It’s a fun and social activity: Padel is a great way to socialize and meet new people while having fun. The game is played in pairs, which makes it an excellent activity to enjoy with friends or family.

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