The top 10 benefits of playing Padel

Padel is a sport that has been around since the late 60’s, but it really started to take off around the world in the mid 90’s. The sport has only recently found its way to South Africa, but it has exploded onto the scene with over 100 000 players already in the country.

There is a good reason why it has become so popular and we highlight some of those reasons below. If you haven’t given the sport a try, search for your local club on the Playtomic App and get onto the court and give it a bash, we promise that you won’t be disappointed.

There are many reasons why Padel is so popular, but we list our top 10 below:

  1. It is suitable for all ages

No matter how old you are, Padel can be enjoyed. It’s easy to play and you can determine the level and intensity of the game. It is also very easy to find playing partners at the same level as you.

  1. Helps relieve stress

If you are looking for a sport that helps you take your mind off the worries of everyday life and relieve stress, Padel is the answer.

It is a game that requires complete concentration and focus on the court, taking your mind away from the days worries. The laughing on court, the fitness and the social aspect off the court are great for the body and soul.

  1. Improves co-ordination and reflexes

Similar to other racket sports, Padel is a sport that requires good coordination and quick reflexes. If those skills aren’t there yet, you will find that will be an improvement in these skills, game after game.

  1. Improves muscle tone

One of the great health benefits you will get from Padel is muscle toning and core strength. The more you play, the more you will notice the toning of your body, especially in the legs and buttocks. You will also notice improvements in the muscle tone of the arms, abdomen, back and shoulders.  

Padel is the perfect definition of a complete sport to stay in shape. Try it once, you will find muscles in your body that you never knew you had! ;)

  1. Great for fitness and cardiovascular activity

Playing Padel is a real calorie burner. Padel is fast-paced and requires constant movement and quick changes in direction. All that running around and swinging your racket can burn off between 750 and 1000 calories in an hours game. Plus, it’s much more fun than doing burpees or slogging it out on the treadmill!

Padel is not as demanding on the body as other sports and its easier on the joints, which is why it appeals to such a wide range of age groups. However, it still keeps you very fit and gets the heart pumping.

  1. Team play

Padel is a team sport and you will always be playing with a partner. You will learn when to make your move and when to let your playing partner act. As a team you take responsibility for your actions and decisions.

These are all values ​​that will prove very useful in other aspects of your daily life.

  1. It is a lot of fun!

One of the most obvious reasons to play Padel is that it is so much fun. The game is for anyone, of all abilities and ages and we haven’t come across anyone that after playing for the first time has said it is not for them. 

If anyone is looking for something new to do, whether this is a hobby or a new sport, then Padel is a great option.

  1. It is very social

One of the best reasons to play Padel is how social the sport is. If you play this sport at a local club, you will make new friends and get to meet new and interesting people. You might even find your life partner or business partner on the court.

The sport is always doubles, so you are always going to be playing with 3 other people. This means if you play 10 times with different people, that is 30 new people you have met. 

Mixed player tournaments are very common as well. This gives you a chance to meet more people and the post-game environment is very social, with players hanging around after to socialise.

  1. It is easy to pick up

Padel is easy it is to pick up and doesn’t require a huge amount of coordination for you to enjoy yourself. You can also be a lot better (or worse) than your opponents and still have a lot of fun.

Why? Serving is underhand and gets the points and the rallies started. The court is small and therefore easier to get around. It’s also slower than other racket sports and due to the side and back walls, it gives players a second chance to return the ball. 

This is not to say that sport is easy and that you are just going to cruise your way to the pinnacle of the sport, but it definitely offers something for everyone.

  1. Life skills

Padel can help kids or young adults improve their life skills.

It really can develop skills such as:

  • Teamwork
  • Social
  • Maturity
  • Sportsmanship
  • Communication
  • Discipline

This list can go on! What are the benefits of the sport that you have enjoyed? Comment below.

We hoped you enjoyed our reasons to play Padel. If you haven’t tried the game, round up 3 of your friends and get out onto your closest court and enjoy it, we promise that you will enjoy it.

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