New and official world rankings released

With the amalgamation of World Padel Tour and the Premier Padel League into the new Premier Padel Tour, the 2024 official world rankings have been released by the International Padel Federation (FIP)

To find out who are the top players in the world for Men’s and Ladies, click on these two links below: 



Below is how the scoring has been calculated and will be going forward.

Premier Padel's competitions are divided into three different categories. Majors, P1 tournaments and P2 tournaments. In addition, the entire season ends with the Tour Finals at the end of December.

  • Major: Highest-ranked Premier Padel competition.
  • P1: Second highest ranked Premier Padel competition.
  • P2: Third highest-ranked Premier Padel competition in terms of ranking points and prize money.

FIP competitions are divided into six different categories. Platinum, Gold, Star, Rise and Promotion. Also the official FIP tour will end with a final where the best players participate.

  1. Premier Padel Majors - 2000 points

Winners: 2000 points
Finalists: 1200 points
Number of competitions: 4

  1. Premier Padel Finals - 1500 points

Winners: 1500 points
Number of competitions: 1

  1. Premier Padel P1 - 1000 points

Winners: 1000 points
Finalists: 600 points
Number of competitions: 12

  1. Premier Padel P2 - 1000 points

Winners: 500 points
Finalists: 300 points
Number of competitions: 10

  1. FIP Platinum - 200 points

Winners: 200 points
Finalists: 120 points

  1. FIP Finals - 150 points

Winners: 150 points
Finalists: 90 points

  1. FIP Gold - 100 points

Winners: 100 points
Finalists: 60 points

  1. FIP Star - 50 points

Winners: 50 points
Finalists: 30 points

  1. FIP Rise - 25 points

Winners: 25 points
Finalists: 15 points

  1. FIP Promotion - 15 points

Winners: 10 points
Finalists: 6 points 

Will Arturo Coello, Paul Josemaria and Ariana Sanchez (current joint) be the World’s No 1 at the end of the year, or will this change?

Comment below, as to who you think will end up as the Men’s and Ladies No 1 in December.

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Arturo to stay at No 1, and Bea to move up to No 1 for the Ladies.

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