10 Reasons to buy online from Padel Gear

The next time you are considering purchasing Padel equipment, these are 10 reasons why you should choose Padel Gear.

  1. Trained advice – Our team has been to Sweden and Spain to be trained by the manufacturers and we have immersed ourselves in understanding the technologies. We are able to impart this knowledge onto our clients and help ensure that they choose the right racket for their game.
  2. Price – Being an online store, we are able to keep our pricing very competitive. Take a look for yourself and if you find one of our products for cheaper locally, let us know and we will match it. Providing it’s not on sale.
  3. We are local – Players are purchasing from overseas, without understanding the hidden costs. Not only do you have to pay excessive delivery fees, but there is a 20% customs VAT which should be paid. There are also import duties for shoes, clothing and accessories. Plus, the hassle of the long wait.
  4. Exceptional and friendly service – We pride ourselves on our service to our clients. We are passionate about the game and really do love our work.
  5. Convenience of a quick delivery – Not only do we deliver free of charge for any order of R750, but we pay extra for express delivery. We all love instant gratification and it's important to us that our clients get their products as soon as possible.
  6. Easy to use website – Take a look for yourself… Easy to navigate, with a filter to select the products that best suit you and your budget.
  7. Loyalty points – We offer loyalty points called “Padel Perks” for future purchases. Every time you buy through us, we give you 3% back to be used on your next purchase.
  8. Great support – When we are not on the Padel court or sleeping, we are available (almost) 24/7. If you have any questions, issues, returns etc, we will be there to assist you as best we can.
  9. Warranties – We offer warranties on all our brands for any manufacturing defaults on equipment.
  10. Exceptional Google reviews - which means we must be doing something right!

We have 15 brands, with 76 different racket options. Check out www.padelgear.co.za and shop top brands at great prices.

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